Main Street News-Dec 2009

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Oklahoma City: Bright and Booming in the Heartland2009-12-MSNews Cover
by Andrea L. Dono

If you haven't been to Oklahoma before, you might be surprised to learn that America's 18th largest state has 10 different eco-systems ranging from pine forests to cyprus swamps. The state's Main Street programs equally run the gamut from tiny towns with wildly popular special events to hip city neighborhoods that attract scenesters and artists. This article will visit with several Oklahoma Main Streets and will cover the revitalization and momemtum of Oklahoma's exciting planning initiatives, where to go during the 2010 National Main Streets Conference, and the many districts you'll find in Oklahoma City. The revitalization stories we share include:
Bricktown: A preservation success story of a warehouse district;
Stockyards City: The epitomy of authentic community branding (think cowboys);
Oklahoma Main Street: These folks have been at it for 25 and have plenty of successes under their belts;
Plaza District: An emerging arts district in Oklahoma City - learn what artists look for;
Mangum: A tiny town with a big reputation for the arts;
Wilburton: Another tiny town with a well-known festival that attracts people from several states; and
Perry: The creative staff here put on a neat welcome for a statewide training event.
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A New Streetscape: A Firm Foundation for Your District
by Donna Dow, CMSM
The last in the her series on streetscaping, Donna talks about the benefits Durant, Okla., has already experienced from the new sidewalks downtown. She offers some last bits of advice and encouragement to help people who are just getting started in their own new streetscaping process to stick with it.
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Profitable Solutions: A Little Employee Education Goes a Long Way
by Tom Shay
In this month's column, Tom talks about how business owners can improve employee performance by creating and maintaining a staff education program.