Columbus Main Street


Columbus, Mississippi! 


A viable downtown filled with numerous businesses and residential dwellings, Downtown Columbus takes pride in housing all major government and banking institutions for the city. Columbus leads the state in downtown upper-floor housing with 146 apartments. Main Street Columbus has completed 98 historic building rehabilitation projects. With the harmonious combination of retail, dining, business services, and upper-floor housing, restoration and revitalization projects continue to beautify and enliven downtown Columbus.

The Numbers

Population: 25,944
Net number of new jobs: 827
Net number of new businesses: 175
Number of building rehabilitations: 98
Number of new buildings: 2
Vacancy rate when the program began: 21%
Vacancy rate today: 11%
Dollar amount of public investment: $6,671,347
Dollar amount of private investment: $31,782,273

In Their Own Words

Through strong clear vision, methodical planning processes, well-crafted work plans, and comprehensive implementation of plans and projects, Main Street Columbus continues to be the leader in the community and throughout Mississippi in downtown restoration and revitalization efforts. We have emerged as a leader in our community by following the Main Street Four Point Approach®, by embracing sound historic preservation ethics, completing quality projects and promotions, committing to strong economic development and solid business principles, and building strategic partnership. Through various economic circumstances in our community, our downtown district has continued to thrive and become a desirable destination filled with growth and change. Reaching out to our community through our numerous volunteers and strategic partnerships has brought us to where we are today. Columbus is filled with beauty, charm, and appreciation for the old, while openly welcoming the new. Downtown apartment living has helped with security, safety, and nighttime entertainment, creating a “24/7 downtown.” A combination of retail, residential, and commercial operations in downtown Columbus creates a charm that sets us apart; our community is truly a place that our residents are delighted and proud to call home.