Main Street Programs

The Main Street Approach® in Action!

The success of the Main Street movement during the past 35 years lies in its wide network:

•    The National Main Street Center guides the movement nationally;
•    Coordinating Programs, set up at the State, City, County or regional level, oversee local programs;
•    Accredited Main Street programs, reviewed annually by their Coordinating Program, meet the 10 Standards of Performance;
•    Designated Main Street programs, reviewed annually, meet criteria as outlined by their Coordinating Program;
•    Hundreds of other programs throughout the country follow the Main Street Approach, but are not officially recognized as Designated or Accredited Main Street Programs.

All of these organizations work together to create preservation-based commercial district revitalization. They support each other and the movement, creating a system to share information and successes, network professionally, pursue training opportunities, and promote the Main Street approach to revitalize downtowns and neighborhood commercial districts.

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